Yardsale's New Stick

Yuri Kozlov Finally Given Honorary Nickname

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The Wynyard Wyverns have had an incredible season so far but it finally gets better as their last player finally earns his nickname and official spot on the team, signing a longer contract yesterday evening!  The Wyverns celebrate at local sports bar and collectively give their player, Yuri Ito his official nickname, ‘Yardsale Yuri’.

Their game just the night before had been one of the most important games of the season and after an incident for Yuri, being smacked around the arena a bit, the team still won the game and Yuri was awarded his nickname.

Terminology popular in hockey, Yuri has been nicknamed ‘Yardsale Yuri’ after being knocked so hard on the ice, his glove managed to fly into the crowd, lost to an immense mass of fans.  His hockey stick, gifted to him at the beginning of the season, was also unfortunately lost.  Not to the fans or to a yard sale but to the ice after snapping in the middle of the game.

Fortunately for Yuri though, last night, his team presented him with a brand new stick, his very own nickname carved into the side.

It’s the best gift I’ve ever received!

Exclaimed Yuri Kozlov after being presented with a replacement stick with his new nickname carved into it.

We interviewed the two other forwards on the team, who told us they were pleased to gift Yuri with a new stick.


“He’s part of the team now, yknow?  He’s signed and he’s got a cool nickname like the rest of us- it’s more fun to call him Yard Sale than anything else as well.” Veteran Player Bottlerocket Romanoff said of his teammate.

rocket welcomes yardsale
“He’s part of the team now, yknow?"

“I’m just glad we’re all pals. You have so many teams that aren’t as unified and it really shows in their games but the Wyverns- we’ve got the spirit and we’ve got the glue other teams don’t. I’m glad we have Yard Sale as well, he’s a good guy.” – Sven Snipes.

Yuri posted a picture of the stick on his social media this morning with a long ‘thank you’ letter to his team, his fans, his family, and his friends, all thanking them for their support and their love.

From us to Yuri, you’re welcome.

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