Timo Turtle turtles yet again

Upsets In WOBLS Community After Match Between Widewater Rapids and Bayfield Bullets Goes Wrong!

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The Bayfield Bullets seem to have it in for them this week after an upset between a match with themselves and the Widewater Rapids.  Friday’s game proved to be truly confusing and infuriating to watch after three separate fights broke out on the ice, all initiated by Rapids player, Timo Hatzi, were not actual fights.

Better known by his nickname, “Timo Turtle” has a history of starting fights and never finishing them, always surrendering before he can throw a real punch.  Other players have expressed annoyance to this as it slows the game down and really puts a bad energy over the rest of the evening.

Timo’s excuse though is that his anger gets the best of him before he can stop himself and think.  Fans theorize Timo just enjoys pressing the buttons of other teams, riling them up so they’re distracted and the Rapids can win the game.  Most fans find this a ‘hit below the belt’ but with no actual violation to rules, his behavior continues.

Goalie of the Widewater Rapids has come out this weekend to apologize for Timo’s behaviour, giving no excuses but owning up to the mess and promising they will continue to work to play clean.  Nothing has been heard from Timo.  Players on the Rapids team suspect no one will ever hear anything from Timo.

“We accept the apology and also apologize for throwing punches.  We love playing with the Rapids and would enjoy continuing playing with them in matches.  They’re a good team.” – “Stone Hand Steve, Steve Harding” of the Bayfield Bullets.

In other news for the Rapids, they continued to slaughter the competition this week and have promised more wins to come this season, exciting fans with the news.

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