Player Spotlight - Hogey Henderson

Player Spotlight: Hogan “Hogey Hoser” Henderson

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For him, it was always about the love for the game, the loyalty for his team, and the ultimate dedication to succeed against all odds. His name is Hogan “Hogey Hoser” Henderson and he’s not only the Team Captain, He’s also the coach for “The Hosers” team. His love for the ice started from an early age when his dad took him to his first hockey game. He saw the players scratching the delicate surface of the ice with their blades. Ever since then, he didn’t want to spend any time away from the ice. His passion became total dedication for the game of hockey later on in his life.

This season was a tough one for them because of the lack of funding they had to deal with. But no team was ever blessed with a better coach that can lead them on the right track, despite the difficulties encountered along the way. “We have to work twice as hard as the other teams, but we will always strive to bring consistent and excellent results out there on the ice.” Mr. Henderson said. He strongly believes in his team and their abilities to overcome the tough season ahead. “The Hosers” are here to win!

Mr. Henderson’s dedication doesn’t stop at his coaching responsibilities. Often times he takes the initiative to go above and beyond for his team. For example, he even sticks around and cleans up after games. “At first, we weren’t sure what he was doing. We all knew he is a hard-working man, but we just figured he stays up till late to work on game strategies. I was really surprised to see him one night out there on the ice, cleaning up after the game.” One of the players said.
hogey never gives up
Undoubtedly, the players feel lucky to have such a formidable coach alongside them. “He is the coach, but it feels like he is working twice as hard as any other of us players. We definitely feel lucky to have him around. He’s the best coach I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.” the team captain said. Everyone else from the team shared the same opinion. Even the other coaches from the League are greatly inspired by Hogan “Hogey Hoser” Henderson. It is safe to say that “The Hosers” are on good hands with ‘Hogey Hoser’. The dedication of an exceptional coach offers the players the confidence they need to dominate the game on the ice.

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