The new Home Of the Bayfield Bullets

Bayfield WOBLS Arena Opens to loud reports and fanfare after long delays!

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At long last the new home of the Bayfield Bullets has finally opened, just in for the upcoming Hockey Season! 

With an erratic “L” shape to the overall building, fantastic events, built in pyro-technics effects and fair pricing fans and staff alike have come to refer to the explosively popular new sporting arena as “The Saturday Night Special”. Management has decided to go all in on the theme offering up cheeky nods to Bayfield arena’s nickname, with special concession pricing on saturday nights. 

Featuring an entire training center including practice ice, complete world class gym, Spa and dressing rooms in an area dubbed “The Clip”.  Bayfield players are treated to top tier rest and relaxation in their off hours, so they can be in peak physical condition before entering a showdown in the main arena – known as “The Barrell”. When each of the bullets enters the arena – special pyrotechnic cannons fire announcing their arrival.  The Opposing teams’ players are marked by “snipers” with multiple red lasers upon entering. An incident involving overpowering the lasers was rumoured to have contributed to “Aimless” Adam’s weakening eyesight.   

Plagued with construction delays and planning issues that led to a radical redesign and rotation of half of the building in record time.Their ability to complete the construction while remaining under budget have left many with the impression that a massive amount of corners had to be cut ( literally) and cheap 3rd rate construction was used. The durability of the arena is frequently called into question and remains to be proven – while fans of the bullets do their best to put it to the test every game night by blowing the roof off.

Bayfields newest WOBLS Sporting Arena has finally opened, so come join us for some World Class Hockey! 

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