Pakenham’s ‘Five Hole Phil’ Has Now Mastered Keeping Goals And Being A Troll

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Some light news this week after Pakenham’s goalie, Phil Hurr, has become the nation’s most loved hockey troll. It started early Tuesday morning after teammate, Gordon Cherry, one of Pakenham’s forwards reported on his social media that he had been tricked into eating a whole onion. Pictures posted reveal that Cherry had been pranked by Phil with a caramel covered onion, disguised as a caramel covered apple.

The caption reads: “I’ll get you back for this Five-Hole.”

Cherry was never given the chance to prank Phil back though, as through the rest of the week, Phil was able to prank his entire team more than once. More posts on social media from his teammates reveal some of his sillier pranks, such as the classic ‘mentos and Coke’ prank, toothpaste inside an Oreo, and probably the worst yet, cheesy powder and water in the fridge disguised as orange juice.

Phil only made a post on Facebook nights ago, revealing he had been planning these pranks for months, finding the perfect time to do them. And after their biggest win of the season, Phil was excited to prank the Pork Pies.

For his largest and quite honestly funniest prank, Phil disguised himself as an armchair in the locker room and waited almost an hour for someone to take a seat. His teammates, although a bit annoyed by Phil’s games, said the week had been a blast and that the pranks had been funny and lighthearted.

We all wait eagerly for Cherry’s retaliation now and hope it will be as spectacular as he’s promised it to be in his most recent post on Twitter.

“I hope you like splash parties, Five Hole, because you’re invited.” The post also features a photo of Cherry in a large banquet hall filled with people who all wear bright colored t-shirts and hold water balloons and squirt guns. We’re not sure what’s to happen but you’ll be the first to hear about it!

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