New Talent Arises At Karaoke Night

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The Pakenham Pork Pies continue to astound audiences and teams alike across the whole world, especially this past weekend after a successful few wins at a small karaoke bar on the south end of town. Sanchez Bar and Grill, best known for its drinks and its comedy nights, has now opened every Friday night for karaoke.
The Pork Pies had attended that night and to shock the audience there that night, Gary Buhl, also known as ‘Gary Gongshow’, has lived up to his nickname, providing the bar that night with some real entertainment and talent.

A video of the hockey player has been posted on Youtube and has already received over 500,000 views and likes from fans all over the world. Gary responded to the video this morning with words of gratitude and disbelief, quite embarrassed and flattered that so many would enjoy his ‘drunk and harmonious rhythms’. He also goes on to say, ‘It really was an exciting night for the team. We had fun and we stayed safe to celebrate our winning streak so far.”

Other players on the Pork Pies have made claims of Gary being an excellent singer and how if he wasn’t a hockey player, he would be famous as a musician instead. Gary denies this talent but we all know about it now.

The Pork Pies also revealed a few more members of their team to be musically inclined, playing instruments and jamming all together. The team has never been interested in pursuing music but they all insist that hockey is where their hearts are at and where their hearts are going to stay. That’s all we need to hear for now.

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