DHL: Mclintock at Ferguson.

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The first loss of the season for the Missing Links is taken hard by most of the players but hardest by Forward, Felix Swain.  The Missing Links had been taking games by storm, managing to rack up every single win in the season so far.  But after an incident on the ice, The Missing Links have lost their first game. The Ferguson Four-Leafs won tonight with an astonishing point total of 6 to 1.  The Four Leafs owe it to their forward, Hat-Trick Harry for really bringing the game yesterday night and scoring almost every single point for their team.   Right before the game ended though, Harry was met with a glove to his face before he was knocked onto the ice by Felix Swain, better known as ‘Felix Face-Wash’.  Iconically named for his poor sportsmanship, Felix has been gifted the nickname for his signature move, a face wash to the winning team.  Fans describe the event as ‘sudden and quite funny actually’. This did result in a penalty for both teams though, retaliation coming from Harry for the putrid glove.    Both Harry and Felix were put in the box the remainder of the game, leaving the Four-Leafs to get lucky and score one last shot for the win. No apology has been issued from the Missing Links but Hat-Trick Harry tells sources he absolutely has more tricks up his sleeve and he’s ready to keep going with a great season.
Ferguson Four-Leafs
Ferguson Four-Leafs


McClintock Missing Links
McLintock Missing Links


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