Fans Recoil in shock at Photo’chopped Horror!

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Thursday morning, Widewater Rapids fans all awoke to a horrifying site on social media after finding a picture of famous, Alexei Brovanov without his iconic mustache and a caption saying, ‘Lost a bet, we had a good run’.  Fans all around the country were shocked at this discovery and the photo blew up on all social platforms with the hashtag, #riplettuce.

Alexei Brovanov, better known as ‘Lip Lettuce’ for the Widewater Rapids, has always been easily identified as having a truly copious mustache.  For years, the entire time in the game while also long before his career as a professional hockey player, Alexei has had the staple facial hair and had become famous for the accessory.

Frequently featured in advertisements for facial hair oils, shaving products, etc, Alexei has always been quite fond of his mustache, so of course everyone was quite shaken to see a photo of the man clean-shaven.

Alexi lost a bet
"Lost a bet, we had a good run" #RIPLettuce

In the midst of the uproar, it was revealed to have been a photoshop prank from none other than Alexei’s teammate, Shawn Danger, “Shawn The Show”.  Alexei posted another tweet, explaining the prank and proving his ‘lip lettuce’ was still there with another photo of his cheeky smile.

Alexei explains it was all a prank he and Shawn had planned for a while and seeing everyone’s reactions for the day had really made it worth it, an entire hashtag trending for him as well.  He says its one of his largest accomplishments now, being famous for his mustache and promises he doesn’t plan on shaving it anytime soon.

We made sure to ask his wife, who also confirmed that it would not be disappearing anytime soon.  “I love the mustache,” she hums.  “Boosts his confidence and makes him happy.”  

We’re pleased to hear the mustache is here to stay.

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