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‘Chirpin Chuck’ Leaves No Stone Unturned In The Hunt For A New Agent

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This week has proven that desperate times call for desperate measures.  After losing agent Lisa Geroux, McClintock’s defenseman ‘Chirpin Chuck’ is looking everywhere for a new representative.  ‘Chirpin Chuck’, Charles Anderson just held interviews yesterday, publicly announcing he would be parting ways with Geroux and would be seeking a new agent.

It’s obvious that there wasn’t much thought into this process though as the interviews were set up as auditions for the hockey player.  Other teammates report that Chuck is ‘that kind of guy.’

“Lisa was nice and all but she had other things she wanted to get done,” Chirpin Chuck explains.  “I held a bit of an audition session yesterday for a new agent- I want someone who’s responsible enough to help me out but is someone who I know is gonna enjoy their job.”

The auditions were several hours yesterday, resulting in over three hundred different individuals, lining the streets to give their best shot.  The audition required a portfolio with necessary degrees such as law, with economic backgrounds and marketing strategy helping in their favor.  ‘Chirpin Chuck’ also required the agents to perform a talent of theirs- something really ‘dazzling and exciting’.

Unfortunately, three hundred and six candidates auditioned but only one will be selected.  “There were really so many amazing people who came in, who were willing to play along and amuse me, but I can only pick one.  I really with the best of luck to everyone else who doesn’t get it.”

Joining ‘Chirpin Chuck’ yesterday was teammate, Terry Martin, otherwise known as ‘Terry Toe-Drag’ and his own agent, Warren Drake.  They had come to support Chuck in making the decision as an agent is very important in the sporting industry.

“I really think we’re gonna pick a good one,” Terry says.  “We’ve narrowed it down already and it feels good.”

We wish the best of luck to Chirpin Chuck and his new agent, and the best of luck to the McClintock Missing Links in their game this upcoming weekend!

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